Malikot Typeface
Typeface Design
Spring 2021

Malikot (adj.)(Tagalog): naughty, mischievous

Malikot is a display typeface created for the unique identity that Filipinx-Americans hold. Inspired by the aesthetics of the homeland and the new cultural enclaves Filipinx immigrants have made their new homeland, it mixes strokes of the lost Baybayin script and the movement of funky Latin type. The mix of winding and curving forms make Malikot a typeface that is both traditional and fun.

Special thanks to Lynne Yun.

Anni Albers Quote Campaign
Advanced Typography
Spring 2019

To commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Bauhaus, we were tasked to create a branded quote campaign featuring quotes from key Bauhaus figures. I based my campaign on the quote by textile artist, Anni Albers, "Creating is the most intense excitement one can come to know." The visual identity of the quote was based on the textures and patterns of the textile works of Albers. Red and yellow were utilized to stick to the essence of Bauhaus and its affinity towards the primary colors. The applications pictured above are of a poster, heat-transfer tote bag, stickers, and a vinyl installation in the staircase en route to Parsons’ Making Center.

New York, NY