The Art or Reminiscing
Thesis 2
Spring 2021

As we survive through an unprecedented health crisis and experience major political and social events, we all experience collective trauma. One can't help but think about the past or "what could have been" if certain things never happened. In a city that is no stranger to resilience, New York residents are especially ruminating on the past as the present rapidly evolves around them. For many, nostalgia is the prominent coping mechanism for both young and old. Many consider nostalgia a healthy tool for escapism because it establishes self-worth through past experiences and cultivates hope for the future. My thesis asks the following: how can we escape and cope in healthy ways, and why is it important to relish past delights?

The Art of Reminiscing is a campaign that searches for moments of respite in a fast-paced world. The project gives past and present residents of New York City an outlet for relief through nostalgia as we share stories of our past and chase moments of delight. Sharing memories helps us grow closer as a community and encourages us to make even more. The warm fuzzy feelings we chase from time to time are brought to life through brand identity and world-building. The Art of Reminiscing lives within New York City itself through branded applications and merchandise that promote why New Yorkers love the city.

Special thanks to thesis advisors, Dinah Fried and Joe Marianek.

New York, NY