Dani de los Santos

is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer specializing in brand identity. She graduated from the Communication Design program at Parsons School of Design. Dani is currently Jr. Brand Designer at Ceros.

Events and Merch
On going

Ceros frequently attends events and tradeshows all around the world. I design merch such as postcards, stickers, booth designs, and other physical collateral that breathes life into the Ceros brand in person.

Organic Social
On going

The Ceros social media channels feature a variety of series targeted towards the design community. With smart, useful, and sometimes cheeky voice of their content, Ceros aims to be leaders within the design community. My role in social includes pitching these ideas, occasionally writing, and executing their final designs. 

The Creative Edge Newsletter
On going

Ceros sends out the monthly newletter, The Creative Edge, featuring all things new at the no-code interactive content builder. I update and design the newsletter every month to be sent out to existing Ceros customers.

Philadelphia Folk Festival
Summer 2022

Every summer my friends and I volunteer and set up camp for five days at Old Pool farm in Pennsylvania for the annual Philadelphia Folk Festival. After another successful fest, I designed commemorative t-shirts to remember our campsite, nicknamed “Fruitish.” I also documented the festival on film.

Screenprinting by All Star Print Lab.

New York, NY